CASE STUDY: Redesigning a band website

July 9, 2016

LOVELESSLUST has been my biggest and longest-running client. In the eight years I've worked for the band, it has gone from a one-man electronic powerhouse, through multiple band members, to what it is now: An increasingly more and more successful industrial art rock band that has played throughout Southern California, gone on tour through the southwest to land a show at SXSW, had a song remixed by Chris Corner of IAMX and Sneaker Pimps fame, as well a song remixed by Orgy's Jay Gordon. 


LOVELESSLUST's new album, "The Car Crash That Ended Her Life Came As No Surprise," was mastered by Amir Derakh, of both Julien-K and Orgy fame.


It would be an understatement to say that I am proud of this band and all it's accomplished in the eight years I've worked for them. It would also be an understatement to say that I'm not ridiculously thankful for the opportunity LOVELESSLUST has given me to showcase a different style of work. 


Johnathan Cooper, the creator of LOVELESSLUST, is very hands-on in how his band is represented artistically. As a designer and artist, this can sometimes be frustrating, but you have to have immense respect for a person who cares so deeply about the visual representation of his life's work. 


He's given me the opportunity to showcase my skills in logo design, advertising, promotions (posters, merch design), album art, band photography and more. And finally, after eight years of pestering him to give me a shot, he's let me redesign — which was no small feat.


Here are two screenshots of what his original website looked like prior to my revamp. As you can see, it was desperate for an update and some organization: 




The biggest thing I wanted to do with the redesign was clean it up and give it a strict organization. It was also important to make sure it was mobile-friendly. I pushed Cooper to let me know exactly what he wanted on his site, and whatever wasn't necessary was left behind. Cluttered websites are really difficult for people to navigate, because they don't know where they supposed to go or what they're supposed to see. 


To be fair, this isn't the final version of the website. The band will be debuting new content over the next few months, and this will lead to another page on the site, as well as a fleshed-out sidebar on the home page. But as with all websites, web design is a fluid, ever-changing process. If you aren't striding to do more and be better, your website is falling behind the curve.


Here's two screenshots of the new site, head over to to check out the full version: 




In addition to debuting LOVELESSLUST's new website, I'd also like to show off their new album cover. The cover art was created by both Cooper and myself. He came up with the idea and took the original photo of the group at the table, and I manipulated the photo and added the background and text in Photoshop and InDesign to his exact specifications. Take a look:




Congratulations, LOVELESSLUST, and thank you for letting me be part of your visual awesomeness over the years!



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